The Spirit Store CDs Available Now – Sedna and The Star of King Solomon!

  We are blessed to bring forth amazing channelings, sound healing energies, and guided meditations in these CDs ….  

Sedna – “Companion of the Whales”
Featuring the Sedna and Earth Platonic Year Paiste Gong Bath for Clearing and Healing plus the High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls Guided Meditation.


The Star of King Solomon
DNA Color Channeling

Featuring 3,000 Year Old Star of Solomon Mystery School Energy Channelings for Clearing and Healing with 22 High Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

  Additional information about these amazing channelings, healing energies, and guided meditations can be found at The Spirit Store of The New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers.  

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  Illustrations of "Sedna Dreams" and "Sacred Teachings" by Brigidina  

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