Healing Sessions With Sound and Crystal Lights  
  The Crystal Beds are an extension of the work of the Spirit Doctors to those who cannot travel to the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil for treatment. The Crystal Bed practitioner is not an intermediary for the Spirit Doctors. Each Crystal Bed or Crystal Bath session experience is unique in energy received.

Prior energy before the Crystal Bed session may or may not be guided by the Practitioner from their higher spiritual studies and the spiritual guides and Angels assisting them. Practitioners may choose to pray, meditate, prepare, clear and hold room energy before your session, and/or assist and guide you in prayer or meditation, clearing and healing energies and modalities only before and after the crystal bed session. Practitioners are not allowed to assist with energy modalities during your crystal bed healing session while you are under the Crystal lights.

All spiritual assistance on the crystal beds varies to each individual session and is provided by the Invocation of the healing Spirit Doctors with their Spiritual assistants. Your Invoked Angels and personal spiritual guides may also hold energy around you during your Crystal Bed healing session or Crystal light Bath session.


These Two Crystal Healing Beds are the first pair to be commissioned by St Dom Ignacio through John of God and the Ascended Masters to travel throughout the United States.


The Crystal Light healings are assisted by the Saints, Angels, Ascended Master Healers and Spirit Doctors of the Casa St. Dom Inacio (House of St. Ignatius Loyola) and the supporting crystal healing energies of South Central Brazil.


Experience the first ever amazing healing power of over 40 individual Ascended Masters, Aura and Chakra Spirit Doctor assisted healings.


Each Pre Crystal Beds Healing sessions are Included Assisted by Reverend Scott Raymond with the Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and the Ancient World Mystery School teachings and channelings. These vibrational color channelings are used daily by the earth’s highest spiritual leaders.

Crystal Light Bed Healing Sessions


Also included is an introductory teaching or video and discussion of the cellular and spiritual bodies, aura and chakra energies. DNA etheric fields and cellular memory to illness and disease in the human body.

A 3,000 year old teaching of the World Mystery School of the 3 levels of the heart chakra meditations and color channeling discussion for guided meditation and clearing. The first session length averages 120-150 minutes, additional sessions average 60-90 minutes.

To begin each session, you will be guided into meditative breathing while reclined and relaxing on a zero gravity chair and experience the Amethyst Bio-Mat™ Infrared healing. Followed by the amazing sound vibrational energy clearing and balancing of the chakras and aura fields assisted by the Master Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls and/or the vibrational tuning forks.


This vibrational sound assists to align and clear our physical and spiritual energies, followed by:

A guided chakra color and breathing meditation

Balancing and synchronicity of the chakras and the endocrine system

Balancing and clearing of the emotional and intellectual bodies


Female and Male, Ying and Yang


6th chakra balance of intellect and intuition

Sacred Geometry Golden Mean Spiral vibrational clearing and healing of the:


5th chakra – intelligent communications


4th chakra – relaxing, soothing and balancing love

DNA etheric field clearing of negative energies of 7 generations past


3rd chakra – centering and personal power

Sacred Yagna release of Karma and past life negative energies


2nd chakra – emotions, sexual, creative balance

3,000 year old Mystery School color channelings

  Unconditional Love and the Pink Light to love your higher self

You will be setting intentions for the Spirit Doctors to assist you in clearing and healing your Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. Upon exiting your sound and light guided healing session with Reverend Scott you will arise and be assisted to the Crystal healing bed rooms which are a separate energy and spiritual experience for a 50 minute Spirit Doctor Crystal Healing Bed session.

After your crystal bed session, you will be offered a cup of Casa Dom Ignacio John of God water Blessed by the Spirits Doctors.

Roby Chart


Blessings and Unconditional Love to All,
Reverend Scott Raymond

  Reverend Scott has been gifted with the higher sense abilities to spiritually see, communicate, channel and listen to the Angels and Guides. Crystal Bed practitioners are not allowed by” the Casa” to be an intermediary for the Spirit Doctors energy work. Although several Brothers and Sisters and gifted spiritual volunteers of the Casa can spiritually see, hear and interpret the Spirit Doctors working with people.

After your crystal bed session, Rev Scott will also read and explain the colors and energy changes inside and your physical body and Aura energy fields radiating around you. Each Crystal Bed practitioner and session is unique. Reverend Scott offers his personal spiritual experience of guiding over 3,300 crystal bed sessions to assist you on your spiritual healing journey.

For additional information on the Crystal Bed healings, click here.


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