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All healings are unique to the individual energy level of the spiritual, physical and emotional body. The healings and experiences vary from spiritual, physical, emotional to any combination of the above. The more one is adept at running spiritual energy, meditation and prayer, living with peace of mind, the more open one is to feel and see in detail the channeled and spiritual energy. 50% of all spiritual healings are in our intent and energy and must be completed by ourselves as we walk our personal daily spiritual path.

As word of mouth spread of the New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers traveling Crystal Light Healing Beds, Catholic Nuns, Reiki Masters, Christian and Ishaya Monks, Avatars, a Hindu Yogi, Buddhists and Shinto Monks, Shamans, Angel Readers and spiritual healers and readers of all modalities, from devout Catholics, Christians, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists, and nearly every major religious background has come forth, from beginners on their spiritual path, to Edgar Casey Directors, Medical Professors and PHD’s to western medicine and naturopathic American, Chinese and European MD’s and surgeons seeking spiritual healing. Spiritual teachers and authors have come forth to have healings and visions. Those seeking an awakening and healing of all kinds came forth.


Here are a few of the hundreds of experiences shared after personal healing sessions with the New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers Crystal Light Healing Beds:

  • All of the pictured Healing Spirits have come forth many times individually and in councils.

  • In one traveling healing clinic, the house became filled with a strong scent of roses throughout, though there was not a flower in the house. Everyone felt the presence and had a personal vision of Mother Mary and all cried with joy, feeling her unconditional love.

  • Several have walked or sat and talked on a spiritual journey with the Angels, Jesus, Pope John Paul, and many of the Master Healing Spirits.

  • A Physical Therapist who works with the Angels’ Breath and Healing Touch had Sister Rita visit her on the Crystal Light Healing Bed, then nightly in her dreams. Sister Rita now comes into her patients’ room daily to heal and teach and assists her in her classes, with patients and has transformed her spiritual practice.

  • Some came off the Crystal Light Healing Beds to journal their experience as they asked questions to one or a council of clearly visible Healing Spirits.

  • St Germain has played music and sang to several. He has also brought forth many individual teachings and guidance.

  • After a Crystal Light Healing Bed session, many have gone to the pictures on the wall and pointed to the individual Healing Spirits to say he or she was there or held my hand.

  • Some with cancer, after several 5 to 10 treatments, have come back from their doctors with news of remission without yet accepting western medicine style treatments.

  • In the days and weeks after their session, several cancer patients have had news of tumors calcifying, reducing or disappearing.

  • One female had a thyroid not working and 7 years of medicine with no change. After 5 sessions, the thyroid medication was no longer needed as the Doctor was stunned and confused to the sudden change of health.

  • Many had not slept in years more than 4 or 5 hours for years due to pain or anxiety. After 1 or 2 sessions, they are sleeping 8 hours.

  • Some float on a cloud or fall into a deep sleep or see colors or dream vividly.

  • A Hindu Yogi at 70 years of age and meditating 4 hours per day and had made several spiritually enlightened travels to the fourth dimension several times in the past, said they were taken to the Fifth dimension for their very first time and was elated with joy and bliss.

  • Many have felt one or more physical energies of being touched, senses of tapping, tickling, poking, prodding, acupressure, acupuncture, audible sounds of their spine and bones popping, and/or numbness as the Spirit Doctors worked on areas of the physical and spiritual bodies on their very first visit.

  • Several have come with spirit attachments and have tried to have them removed by several other healers. The Healing Spirits have always removed the attachment to tears of joy when the person was ready. Some had spirit attachments removed in 2 sessions, some in 5 sessions.

  • Many have had the Healing Spirits continue to visit and receive additional healing energies, several times during their sleep and at their home.

  • A woman in her 60’s was gifted with relief of arthritis and swelling in her joints and now is able to walk without the assistance of her cane.

  • A woman in her 20’s with lifelong asthma and allergies returned to her medical doctor who informed her that her asthma was gone.

  • Another woman in her 20’s with a crippled hand that resulted from an accident woke from her crystal bed session, waving her restored and functional hand with joy saying, “Look!”

  • After several crystal bed treatments, medical doctor visits have informed patients with stage 2 and 3 cancer that their numbers dropped from 6.5 and 6.9 to 1.5 and 1.6.

  • Another female seeking medical consultation for heart surgery came to several sessions on the crystal bed and her medical doctor could not explain why her heart no longer needed surgery and that her heart sounded as if though she was in a deep meditation.

  • One with very painful knees reported that the spirit doctors worked first on her back and then her hip as they began healing her knees over several sessions. She now reports that she is pain free and could not remember the last time she was pain free before her crystal bed healing sessions.

  • A high percentage of people waking up from their crystal bed session proclaimed that they looked and appeared much younger. Some have even sung with joy out loud, “I am so beautiful. I love myself!”


The gratefulness and thanks of the many that have received spiritual healings, early release form Hospitals after surgery, discontinuation of medical treatments and from cancer clinics, visions and counsel from the Healing Spirits, come forth with tears of joy, praise and hug’s filled with compassionate and unconditional Love.

Blessings and Unconditional Love to All,

Reverend Scott Raymond 


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