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Reverend Scott Raymond has seen aura colors since childhood. Raised Catholic, he was chosen to follow a family path into Catholic Priesthood. During teen seminary studies, many deep spiritual questions went unanswered.

Guided by higher self through meditation and prayer for additional spiritual insight, Reverend Scott’s life studies led to travels throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe and to Asia. Spiritual Mystic studies include the Berkeley/Reno Psychic Institutes and the Word Mystery School of Wisdom, the Alchemy Institute, with private Jesuit Catholic, Roman Catholic, Christian Ecumenical Spiritualism, Hebrew, Hindu, Buddhism, Native North and South American and ancient Spiritual world studies. Reverend Scott provides the advanced worldly spiritual teachings collected in the King Solomon Library, then passed down and practiced daily by the majority of the Earths spiritual leaders. This is taught in a modern Christian understanding based on the ascension teachings through Unconditional Love. His sound and light healings, classes and council are sought by those who seek Advanced Spiritual path ascension teachings not provided by the basic Catholic, Christian, Hindu and Buddhist studies and those seeking direction away from fear based religious practices. Reverend Scott has been gifted with sharing aura and chakra spiritual healings and past life readings throughout the USA and internationally for over 25 years.

Reverend Scott Raymond
John of God Crystal Healing Beds

He is a Volunteer Non-Profit Charity Pastor, Ordained Minister, Medium, Clairvoyant, Empathic, Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Master, Sound and Light Master Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Counsel. Reverend Scott was chosen through John of God by St. Dom Inacio and the Spirit Healing Doctors of the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil to be a Casa Medium and group travel spiritual guide to Brazil. The Spirit Doctor Augusto de Almeida has pronounced Reverend Scott through John of God, a rare honor as ”A Brother of the Casa”. With his clairvoyant vision, he can see and describe the Casa Spiritual Doctors during their healing work and provides a deeper spiritual guided path and counsel.

Rev Scott has been validated and is known by other mediums as a spiritual Priest, Monk and Native Healer, Spiritual teacher and visionary over several lifetimes and validated by previously unknown visionary mediums on 5 present Earth continents, all seeing him walking along side Jesus during a past life on Earth.

In this life time he has open and higher dimensional communications with Spiritual beings of the Highest Love and is a publically and Medium validated Open Receiving Channel for messages and teachings in public from King Solomon, St Thomas Aquinas, the Archangels, the Spirit Doctors, Many Saints and Spiritual Teachers across the Earth, the Universe, personal spirit Guides, Ancestors and Loved Ones.

He has been contacted in person, tested and validated by a high ranking government/alliance spiritual intelligence officer. This Lt. Colonel awarded a verbal rating as a rare and “the Real Deal” spiritual remote viewer of past and present time of dimensions, and Rev Scott has agreed to only uses these gifts as a Dimensional Diplomat, to assist others to heal and Ascend spiritually.

Reverend Scott's healings and readings are guided by the Ascended Master Spirits and Angels that channel the energy through him. In 2009, he sent a request to Ascended Masters King Solomon and Jesus for help working with the sick and terminally ill. He was guided to travel to visit John of God and the Spirit Doctors of the Casa Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil. Reverend Scott was, again, guided to return to Brazil in 2010 to receive the first two traveling Crystal Light Healing Beds from the Spirit Doctors of the Casa Dom Inacio. He brought the crystals before John of God at the Casa to be blessed in the healing current and asked for help with the healing center. Saint Dom Ignatius Loyola came through John of God, blessed the crystals and proclaimed, "We will all help." Reverend Scott accepted this calling and life path of healing.


Guided by the Ascended Masters, Reverend Scott offers the 4th chakra Ancient Mystery School intensive channeling and dream travel classes.

Additionally, for the poor, financially depleted cancer patients and the terminally ill he offers a preapproved volunteer program in exchange for free merit driven healing sessions so that all may receive. He has traveled upon request to several states and cities across the United States and Canada with the Crystal Light Bed healing clinic since June 2010.

Reverend Scott has been guided since 2011 to add the Master Alchemy Crystal singing bowls and in 2012 to add the Paiste Planetary Gongs for 4th and 5th dimension vibrational sound healing, dream travel, spiritual healing and light channeling clinics. In 2013, Reverend Scott was guided by the Healing Spirits to use his gift as a psychic remote viewer with present and past life clearings, healings and readings.

Reverend Scott Raymond Energy Mandala

Reverend Scott’s Energy Mandala 

Arc Angel Council

In 2014 Reverend Scott trained with Jonathan Goldman and the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Chant Master Lama Tashi. He was invited into the international sound healers association and has also added antique Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingshas, Paiste Golden Means Sound Discs, Chimes and Sacred Geometry Tuning Forks and Voice Toning for individual vibrational alignment and healing sessions.

In 2015 Rev Scott has added Group Sound Healing Sessions with the ancient Peruvian Whistling Vessels harmonic acoustic resonance connecting us with Mother Earth, the Universe and Spiritual Source. Through his intuitive channeling and visioning the Angel Guides have connected him with Radleigh Valentine/Doreen Virtue and Certification as an Angel Taroist reader.

In 2016 Reverend Scott added the 225 hour training, Alchemical Professional Certified Hypnotherapist CHT, to his spiritual counseling sessions. Including the in-depth studies of Dr. Sigmund Freud, Dr. Carl Jung, William Reich, Dr. Milton Erikson, Fritz Perl’s Gestalt Therapy and Earth’s leading psychotherapeutic teachings through the conscious, subconscious, and higher conscious bodies.


In 2017 The Spirit Doctors have guided Reverend Scott to study at the International Institute of Reflexology to assist the body with spiritual healing before the Crystal Bed sessions. As a remote viewer in spiritual session, Rev. Scott has been able to view areas that need healing mentally, emotionally and physically passed on from time when and where your feet have walked.

As a Clairvoyant Medium with the ability to Astral Project Multidimensionally, Reverend Scott has chosen to assist deeper healings into the source of Illness, specializing spiritually in Childhood Traumas, Ancestral Lineage, Past Life Regression and Karmic Council to heal in the present.

Since 2010 Reverend Scott has spiritually guided thousands through a higher path of spiritual healing and teachings. He is Authorized by the Spirit Doctors through John of God as a crystal bed practitioner and was issued the first pair of John of God Crystal Healing Beds. Reverend Scott is a Spirit Doctor Authorized Casa Guide, Brother and Medium and assists the sick, ill and spiritual pilgrimages to John of God and the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil.

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