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Crystal Healing Beds

Crystal Healing Beds - John of God

Are Long Distance Healings Possible? “Yes, accounts of people who received long distance treatments are coming in. … It is also quite usual for the [Spirit Doctor] to state that he/she will visit the absent person, no matter where or how far they are.” - Quote from John of God, Spiritual Cures, page 112.

The Crystal Beds are an extension of the healing work of the Spirit Doctors and thousands of Assistant Healing Spirits to all those who cannot travel to John of God and the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil for treatment. Experience the Unique Healing Energies of the first Pair of Twin Crystal Healing Beds blessed and commissioned at the Casa by St Dom Ignacio incorporated through John of God. Reverend Scott thereupon requested assistance with the New Earth Healing and Teaching Centers. St. Dom Ignacio, the Patron Saint who always looks over the Casa, replied through John of God, “We Will All Help.”


Reverend Scott is a rare “Brother of the Casa” announced by the Spirit Doctor Agusto de Almeida through John of God. (There are many volunteer ‘Sons or Daughters of the Casa’. Only a very few through their spiritual healing path of service have been announced by the Spirit Doctors as “A Brother or Sister of the Casa”)

Spiritual Cures

It is not only the body that is prone to illness, so the spirit must also receive treatment.”
- Quote from John of God, Spiritual Cures, page 112

Reverend Scott with Spirit Guides

Receive the 4th and 5th Dimension Spiritual Healing Energy of Vibrational Sound and Light, Meditations, Prayers and Teachings of the Christ Energy, with Healing Angels, the Spirit Doctors and their Many Spiritual Assistants Now Available on CD’s here.
Crystal Healing Beds - King Solomon

“The Beginning of Wisdom is to Desire It. “
- Quote from King Solomon -Wisest of all Kings

King Solomon is a Spiritual Healing Doctor, well known as one of the spiritual incorporations through John of God during healing sessions, at the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil and the Crystal Beds and his portrait is displayed on the Casa wall next to one of the Casas Prayer Triangles.

"Cleansing with the Golden Light of God’s Creation”
“Offer a hungry soul a bowl of food; you feed them for the day. Teach ones Spirit to grow and nourish their own Loving Garden, you feed them for life.” ~King Solomon’s Library~

The Spirit Doctors of the Casa St Dom Ignacio through John of God have provided for us a detailed healing protocol in writing for receiving spiritual current. In the Casa Protocol, section 5.3 of this Spiritual Current healing, all are to first prepare to receive spiritual healing by “cleansing the energy”. “This is a very important function, as the cleansing prepares participants for our encounter with the Spirit Doctors.

The Spirit Doctors have stated though John of God we must provide Spiritual Merit and up to 50% of the healing energy by cleansing our negative energies of past and present, whether we obtain healing at the Casa, with John of God or on the Crystal Beds.

How does healing begin?
“The healing begins with self-knowledge.”
- Quote from John of God, Spiritual Cures, page 112

These CDs have been shared through the Healing Spirits to teach and spiritually assist with the cleansing and clearing of the mental energy (how we think), the emotional energy (how we feel) and prepares us to receive spiritual healing for the physical body. These CD’s will prepare and assist you before and after your John of God, Casa and the Crystal Bed Spiritual Healings as instructed by the Spirit Doctors.

Crystal Healing Beds - Spiritual Cures

“The question was, when you discarnate, will the Casa Dom Ignacio close its doors, or will there be a substitute…to continue work on spiritual healing?”

“All I can say is that the Casa Dom Ignacio will continue to exist regardless of myself.” - Quote from John of God, Spiritual Cures, page 43.

The Spiritual Cures Book is an Interview with John of God and is available at the Casa Gift Store in Brazil.


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